Welcome to the Tapple Store!

Tapple is a 1.8x competitive Minecraft server that currently features the minigames of Practice and Events.

Practice is a place where you can hone your PvP skills and play against others in a PvP battle! Our plugins are tailor-made for the PvP to be 1.8 and 1.8 only, an environment fit for the thriving 1.8 PvP community. Come and fight your friends with options of 10+ kits, whether it being in a party, 1v1, ranked battle, red rover, or something else!

Events is a special gamemode which features crazy games such as UHC, Mega SkyWars, and other experimental gamemodes that are scheduled to happen at a certain time. These games usually have a unique twist to them and are nothing like you've seen before. Exactly at the scheduled time, the whitelist will turn off and players can join. Slots are limited so you have to be quick - you may also purchase a donator rank that has higher queue priority so you can ensure yourself a spot. Events will be announced to the server's Discord, Twitter, and website, 30 minutes to an hour before they happen.

To purchase a rank and see what we have to offer, click the "Ranks" tab.

To purchase a UHC to play with your friends or for the whole server, click the "Custom UHCs" tab.