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Ranks are unique groups/tags that give you access to a large number of unique perks and features.
Below you will be able to view and compare a list of features that each rank does and does not have.
Any future rank upgrades will be automatically deducted if you have a lower rank.
Ex. Upgrading from Red Apple ($4.99) to Green Apple ($14.99) would cost only $9.00 instead of the full price.
Not all features are listed but will be added over the next couple of days.

Red Apple

4.99 USD


Green Apple

14.99 USD


Golden Apple

27.99 USD


God Apple

54.99 USD


Mythical Apple

7.99 USD / mo

Chat Symbol
Symbol Color Red Green Gold Yellow Pink
White Chat Message
Boosted in Tab
Show Up in /list
VIP Lounge Access
Queue Priority over Lower Ranks
Join Full Servers
Discord Perks
Fly in Lobbies
Profile Slots
6 10 14 14 14
Events Perks
Access to Donator-only Events
Spectate after Death in UHCs
2 Event Tokens per Month
Practice Perks
Access to /p broadcast
Access to Tournament Mode in Parties
Map Maker Perks
Access to /promote
Map Creator Slots
3 3 4 4 4
Map Creator Map Size
1000x1000 1000x1000 2000x2000 3000x3000 4000x4000

About US

Tapple is Minecraft server that currently features many unique games. We believe that maintaining an experimental environment can push boundaries and reach the most enjoyable yet competitive Minecraft experience.

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